About David

For 18 years, I practiced employment law with two specialized firms in the St. Louis area, representing a vast array of companies that varied in size from a handful of employees to tens of thousands. I’ve drafted policies, handbooks, and training materials for dozens of employers, and handled litigation in state and federal courts, and before administrative agencies throughout my legal career. My experience will help you avoid the pitfalls that other small businesses struggle with, while giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is in compliance with all of the employment laws and regulations that apply to it.

What I’ve always enjoyed most is helping people, and that is what I found myself doing less and less. Frankly, companies were unwilling to pay a lawyer’s hourly rate to get this kind of assistance. I found myself putting out fires that could have easily been avoided with a simple phone call, or a bit of planning. When I decided to start my own business, I wanted to center it around providing meaningful, useful advice to small businesses that was also affordable. With Roots HR Consulting my goals are simple: to bring your business into compliance, while providing you with the tools and support to create a positive working environment for you and your employees.

By removing fear and uncertainty about potential legal problems, and establishing open, honest communication your business is free to focus on being successful, and being a great place to work. I look forward to discussing how I can help your business.

David Nelson

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