Initial Consultation:  An opportunity to get to know each other, and for me to learn about your business and your needs. Following this meeting, I will prepare a proposal. There is no charge for this consultation or the preparation of the proposal.

Compliance Consultation Packages:  The initial package for employers who have not had time to fully set up the HR aspect of their business. At the conclusion of the project, your company will have in place all needed procedures and policies to be compliant with the employment laws and regulations that cover it. This package includes a comprehensive review of current policies and procedures, creation of any needed additions or revisions, education and training of all appropriate staff and three months of Ongoing Support following the completion of the project.

Comprehensive packages for companies with 6 to 49 workers typically range from $2000 to $5000 based upon the specific needs of the company and the complexity of the issues involved with the workforce. Have 5 or fewer workers? Then we can design a custom consultation to meet your specific needs.

Depending on the specific needs of your business, we may also propose a custom consultation package which builds upon the base you already have in place.

Custom Consultations: Already have some good policies and procedures in place? Feel comfortable having frank, ongoing discussions with your employees? That’s terrific. Let’s talk, and I’ll create a custom consultation proposal that will provide you with what you need, but nothing that you don’t, and will save you some time and money compared to the cost of a full compliance consultation package in the process.

Specialty Consultations: Is a specific aspect of your business causing you concern? Roots HR has packages that address common areas of potential liability, such as:

Wage & Hour: Not sure if your contract laborers are actually employees? Or if employees you think are exempt from overtime really are? Is your tip pool properly designed and implemented? Wage and hour issues are a common place for potential liability to be created. Roots HR will design a thorough review of your practices to make sure that everything is being done properly, and help you correct any errors.

Policy Review & Update: No written policies at all? Have an off-the-shelf handbook whose policies don’t reflect your actual practices? Roots HR will help you determine what policies you really need, and create ones that accomplish your goals, and reflect your company’s culture.

After our complimentary initial consultation, you will receive a proposal that specifically addresses your needs.

Growth Updates:  As your business grows, so do your employment compliance obligations. Roots HR helps make these transitions smooth by assuring that you are prepared with effective policies and record-keeping protocols, as well as the knowledge to use them.

The 15: You’re now covered by most of the federal discrimination laws – time for some paperwork, review of a few policies and some training.

The 50: This is a big change as the Family and Medical Leave Act kicks in, along with some other critical laws. We’ll be there to make sure you have everything in place to implement these more complex laws, and keep your business on track.

Ongoing Support:  Once your compliance is assured, Roots HR offers ongoing support so you can discuss any employment issues your company may be experiencing or changes it may be considering. Whether it’s a performance issue for a specific employee, or the need for a new policy, you will have an experienced ear to help you reach the best decision for your business. The first three months of Ongoing Support are included in the price of a Compliance Consultation Package.

Ongoing Support is offered at an affordable and predictable monthly rate, with a discount for 6 month and one year commitments. We also offer the option of a reasonable per-incident charge, and are happy to work out a custom arrangement to meet the needs of your business.