Why “Roots”?

This Ponderosa Pine tree lives on the side of a mountain in Boulder Canyon, Colorado. My family drove by it each time we went up or down the mountain where we were staying on vacation, and never ceased to be struck by its strength, and perseverance. We took several photographs of it during our visit, and this one hangs in our home.


As time passed, I also came to appreciate the simple, unadorned honesty of this tree. It is exposed, even precarious, and yet it not only survives, but thrives. When I was setting up my HR consulting business, I realized this tree was an excellent analogy for small businesses – your employees are like the tree’s roots. As the owner, you are the largest, most critical root, but unless the rest of the roots are healthy, your tree – your business – will not thrive, and may not survive. Keep the roots healthy, and you can grow to your full potential – even while hanging off the side of a mountain. My goal is to work with you to help your business by tending to its roots, so that it can become all that you hope it will be. That is why I named my company Roots HR Consulting.